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Atlantic Divers
Consuelo Alfonso
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We are situated  next to Los Cristianos & Las Americas. Transport is free of charge to our centre and it takes 10 to 15 minutes.



Hi Debs, Geoff, Tony

Well iv' e now been back at work two weeks but two weeks at work goes a LOT slower than two weeks over their.

Anyway thanks for two weeks superb holiday, the apartment was perfect and the diving as good as ever. Sorry Debs but Rose (her who must be obeyed) say's I have to spend Christmas at home, anyway thanks again and hope to see you soon also included a few photo's in a separate e-mail



best regards from Poland. It's been just few weeks, but we miss diving like hell. Thanks for the nice time we had, and for the opening a whole new world for us - it was to you Geoff.

Now Debs, how can you have the possibilities and not take the advantage of it................?????

 All the Best  Inga & Michael


Hi Geoff & Tony,

Steve & I are hoping to revisit before too long.  We have been watching the harbour on the local webcam, and there appears to be a fair amount of work going on.  What are they building down there?  Hopefull it's a jetty so's we don't get our feet wet going aboard !

Hope you're all doing fine, and looking forward to our next trip.


Al & Steve from the sunny (for one day only) uk.


Hello There,
I am back in England now after the two week break i had along with yourself.
I would just like to take the opportunity to thank Geoff, Tony & Gary for taking me on the scuba session whilst i was in Tenerife. Also i would  like to thank Gary especially for allowing me to steer the motor diving boat he took me on when i dived down to the shipwreck last Wednesday.
Please could you thank all other divers for me
Ian, and anybody else
Thanks again
James Askew (Shipwreck explorer from last Wednesday 3:15pm) PS: You'll find me  and yourselves on the attached Picture  

Geoff, Kerry, Debs, Tony, Paul and crew

  many thanks for the great week; although I am now back at work I can still

see and taste my last dives, and Jenny's video will be a great (if not

defining) reminder of all my dives.

Atlantic Divers is a great advert for diving: quality, safety, good humour

and  especially the enthusiasm you all have.

I will try to keep a look out on 'my favourite webcam' for the bus arriving

for lunch at midday.

(In fact there are two divers walking on the beach at the moment (Tues


The whole family agreed we would like to come back to TR, so hopefully I

will see you again.

  All the best Nichol

  Dr Nichol Riggott

MBCS Chartered IT Professional  CMC




Hello Geoff, captain Kerry and Tony,

We would like to say Thank you very much for the wonderful time and beautiful sites that you have taken us to. Also for your patience and for creating a great liking for underwater life in our father and friend.

We have had great time - especially the one with feeding Rays! We are a local celebreties now :-)

Thanks again and we will pass the information about your club to all our friends and to the club in Ukraine we do belong to,

Best wishes  Ilona, Sergey, Vasily and Mira

 PS. Terrible weather here - can we go back? :-)


Dear Debs

                   Thanks for your reply, and thanks once again for making our diving with you very pleasurable and for looking after both Emily and Grace. They both enjoyed the expirience and it Debra and i both enjoyed our dives with you and look forward to when we can join you again in the future. In the mean time we would have no hestitation in recommending your operation / premises to friends and our dive club in Kent, Diving Unlimited.


Clive & Debra


Just a brief note to thank everyone for making us most welcome when we were in Tenerife and for all your help and assistance during our time.  We all enjoyed ourselves very much, the apartment, the diving and all the arrangements went like clockwork - wonderful!

Thanks again for everything

Phil, Kirsty, Murray and Ali Dadswell


Hi Geaff, Debs and rest of the gang,

Hope you are all keeping well we are both fine.  Just to let you know that the octupus on octupus photo has been sent to sport diver, we were at the LIDs show the other week and Mark the editor suggested I sent it in.  With the photo I explained the it was taken while diving in Tenerife with Atlantic Divers, so fingers crossed they print.  Were you able to open the disc with the pictures I sent you?

Any way will close now hopefully we will be out in the not to distant future, the DM work is taking any free time we have which in Steve's case is not much.

Take care

                Lin & Steve H


  Dear Geoff, Debs, Kerry and Tony.

 Thanks very much for some good dives with yourselves last week, we both had a good time.

Thanks also for looking after Emily and Grace, enabling us to dive together, which was a great help and much appriciated.

I will have no hesitation in recommending " Atlantic Divers " to friends and our dive club - Diving Unlimited in Kent.

We look forward when we can re-visit you and dive again.

Clive and Debra ( and Emily and Grace )

P.S. If you do find my Mares weight pouch and Technisub Zak knike let me know !!!!!!!


Hi Geoff

Safe back home....

Sorry we didnt get the chance to say goodbye to you: some nice words and a hug... :-)
We must have misunderstood you about that drink you said we could meet for at know...when we got out of your car at the harbour friday evening....
Never mind...

We really had a great diving week - and thanks again for talking me under tuesday morning...
Jens is still amazed you managed that: dont teach him any tricks about how you did....!!! :-)

Really nice to invite us out for dinner, beer....the social bit. We enjoyed that a lot!

Of course we will be back!

Say hello to Debs, Carrie & Tony from us :-)

Bye for now



 Many thanks for the great day out diving, sorry we had to shoot off early but such is life sometimes.

 Pse thank the two girls as well. Hope we get back to Tenerife some day hopefully for a little longer next time.

 Yours Andy and Ian

 PS Nearly a warship


Hi All,

 Sorry it's a bit late. It's back to the usual grind of the 9 to 5.

I would just like to thank you all for a fantastic time diving during my week on Tenerife. Also a big thank you to Simon for having the patients to take me through to gain my open water certificate.  I had some great dive such as the steps with it's amazing rock formations & yellow mountain But seeing the wreck of the Condesito was the ultimate experience for me.

I will be looking to take an advanced open water course sometime soon so I'll be heading your way again soon for more great diving.

Many thanks

Joe Sheekey


Good afternoon Geoff.

We arrived home safely after eventually finding the airport, as you say it is not well signed.

I would like to thank you for the attention and diving opportunities you gave us.  I am pleased that Richard and Helena performed well and completed their courses

I should particularly like to thank you for the attitude of yourself, Tony and your other staff in the way that you encouraged and built my confidence during my dives instead of making my lack of confidence worse which has been done in the past.  After my initial nervousness I enjoyed the diving and it was well worth the effort.  That comment was also made by another of your older customers.

It was a pleasure to meet you.

With kind regards

Michael Jennings

Cayman Islands Shipping Registry


Geoff, Tony and Debs.

Just a very quick note to thank you for the excellent diving we had last week.
Was really very good indeed.

I was a little dubious before I arrived that the diving would be similar to the Med.
Excellent fun and loads of life were the actuality......................... brilliant.

Thanks for letting me do karen's Completion. Much better than Wraysbury !!

Also thanks for inviting us along for the meal on Thursday night.
Got a little pissed but there you go.......... the hazards of diving.

Will definitely use you again, was good to meet you so rest assured I will be singing your praises.

Thanks again




We arrived back in the UK yesterday to some hot weather, which is good, but

still not the same as Tenerife!

Just a short note to say thank you for taking care of us on the diving

course we did, as well as the try-dives for my wife and kids.  My wife said

she enjoyed the experience more than she expected and will definitely do

another try dive, but doesn't think she will attempt an open water licence.

The kids on the other hand, are nagging me to go back and we have only been

home a few days!  They want to do the open water with you, so I am planning

to return before March next year.  I will get them to do the pool and

classroom sessions nearby, and then you can do the sea dives with both of

them for the PADI open water.

As for me, your input was very important to overcoming my previous dive

experience.  Getting me in the water quickly helped not getting sea sick,

and with other steps I took, I enjoyed every dive, getting in and out, and

have that urge to go diving back again.  Perhaps I can do the rescue Diver

course when we come back in 2007.

Finally, I have attached a photo taken of the group that did the try dives.


Hannes, Charlotte, Matthew and Sarah Oosthuizen




Many thanks for the great day out diving, sorry we had to shoot off early but such is life sometimes.

Pse thank the two girls as well. Hope we get back to Tenerife some day hopefully for a little longer next time.

Yours Andy and Ian

Hi Geoff,

    We all arrived back in Ireland safely and are once again getting used to the lower  temperatures.

    This is just a quick email to say a big thank you to you, Tony and Kerry for a very

    memorable diving holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed all the dives and in particular

    Stingrays    (The fish life was incredible)

    Mushrooms (Thank you Tony for the air)

    El Puertito   ( I will never forget the turtles)

    A big thank you from Yvonne to Theresa for all her efforts. We also thoroughly enjoyed the snorkelling safari.


    Thank you once again and clear waters to you and your colleagues, envious

    Sean sends his regards.

    Gerry and Yvonne from  Sunny Ireland. 


Hi Guys!

Thank you very much for memorable dives to me, I really enjoyed to dive

there. I hope I was first Japanese as a member of "Atlantic diver":), having

regrets about forgetting to take a photo with Caty, though,,,,,:)

Attached photos I took there, barracuda, statue of goddess and Duskyfinned

bulleye(or Heteropriacanthus cruentatus?). you might have many photos of

sting ray and moray.

Now I am studying "English name" of fishes, I wished to have more talk about

fishes with you. parrot bass, damselfish, black scraper etc.

Hopefully to see you again,