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Montaña Amarilla

A beautiful protected marine reservation filled with colorful life, turtles, eels, octopus, corals and big specimens of fish. This place just happened to be our backyard and we always recommend it.


Amazing reef formations, big fields of seagrass where you can often find turtles and big schools of fish.

Tabaiba’s Shipwreck

Awesome shipwreck in a beautiful location accessible by the sore where you can explore the historic sunken ship and also see big barracudas swimming around.

Playa San Juan

This is the place to go after all kinds of stingrays and big schools of fish.

El Balito

Very dramatic underwater volcanic formations and a huge variety of marine life. Very close to playa San Juan which makes a great place for a second dive.

Las Eras

Another beautiful location on the eastern side of the island where you can find a little bit of everything that Tenerife’s diving has to offer.

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