Open Water Course and Exam on Tenerife: Interview with a new certified diver

We proudly announce that we have a new Open Water Diver in our brotherhood, who completed his scuba-diving exam with Atlantic Divers on Tenerife. What a wonderful place to have your diving exam!

We have asked our new diver, Zoltan Biro, about his first-ever dive experience and the scuba-diving exam he took recently, and we will present to you his opinion and observations in this article.

First scuba-diving experience on Tenerife

“I always wanted to try scuba-diving, and I decided to take a step towards my goals when I moved to Tenerife. I got in touch with Atlantic Divers in Costa del Silencio, and the staff gave me all the information I needed. A couple of days later, I booked my first Test Dive, to see if this sport is really for me.”

Fortunately, the test dive has been a success for Zoltan, he enjoyed every second of it. He discovered some huge sea urchins, barracudas, starfish, trumpet fish and many other local species, while he was diving with one of our instructors near Montana Amarilla. Even though it was a little unusual for the first time to breathe from the regulator, he got used to it pretty quickly, and he had no troubles with equalization.

Open Water Dive Exam on Tenerife

“Right after the test dive, my decision was irrevocable. I wanted to be a professional diver. This is why I consulted Geoff and his team, and we booked an appointment right away for my first class. In the beginning, I watched the official PADI Open Water videos, so I got to know everything for the exam in theory. After this, I had 3 dives at different locations around Tenerife, where my instructor Rocky, my scuba-diving buddy and I practiced every technique and process that is needed for a successful exam.”

Luckily, all weather conditions were perfect for their practice. The sun was shining, there was barely any wind, currents were perfect too. First, we took them to a sandy beach close to Las Galletas, where they could practice the essentials of scuba-diving, around 3 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

Secondly, they discovered another dive site with many fish and of course, loads of practice. Right after the third dive, where they go to meet with some friendly stingrays and morays, Zoltan and his buddy took the Open Water Exam.

How much preparation does one need to pass the Open Water Diver Exam?

“At home, I watched a few YouTube videos to recap what I’ve seen in the official PADI materials. I also got a book from Geoff that I flipped through before the exam day. I honestly think if you pay attention to the videos and you do your best during the practice dives before the test, you will definitely be able to pass the exam. Rocky has been a fantastic instructor, and I feel he taught everything to me, so I can be totally confident underwater after the exam.”

Obviously practice makes perfect, so Zoltan has to practice a lot so that all processes will come naturally to him when he is out diving with someone else. We are delighted to have new, certified divers on Tenerife, as this island has so many adventures to offer for those who are seeking this kind of entertainment.

If you also want to be an official PADI certified Open Water Diver, get in touch with us, and we will find a date suitable for your schedule. If you come to Tenerife only for a week, don’t worry, it is totally doable within this timeframe, and you will still have time to explore the other treasures of Tenerife.

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