Top 4 scuba diving sites on Tenerife for advanced divers

Tenerife is well-known for recreational diving opportunities. You can find many dive sites for yourself if you are a beginner, like the Yellow Mountain, but it also has some new adventures to offer for those who have been diving for years, and have advanced knowledge of diving.

Let’s explore the best scuba diving sites for advanced divers, and get ready for your newest adventure.

What we will explore in this article in more detail:

  1. Palm Mar Caves/Moray City
  2. El Faro Lighthouse
  3. Ali Baba Caves
  4. The Blow Hole

Let’s jump right in: 😉

#1 Advanced diving sites Tenerife: Palm Mar caves/Moray city

Required diving experience: Intermediate/Advanced

If you want to immerse yourself into the Canarian culture, history, and the unique marine life of Tenerife, we think this dive sight, 34 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean, will be your favourite spot. We drop the anchor in around 19 meters, close to where you can drop over the ledge to have a look at the cave mouth. 

What is fascinating about this dive site, is that no one knows how long the cave goes, as so far no diver ever made it until the end. Two recreational divers died before during their exploration, so none of the diving clubs are going all the way in the cave, even though we know you cannot resist the temptation to know what is inside. 

It is also frequently named Moray city because a complete wall of Moray eels live inside and outside the cave in crevices as well as sedentary organisms. A great variety of fish inhabits this area, like Glass eyes, larger Fork beards, Lobsters, Striped barracudas and much more. It is also a very good site to see large Atlantic Rays, and now and then due to the proximity of the fish farms, Dolphins and Pilot Whales.

We’ve mentioned Canarian history before regarding this dive site, because past the cave, at 35 meters, there is a statue of the Madonna and baby Christ, set there to bless the fishermen as they leave the harbour of Los Cristianos.

 #2 Advanced diving sites Tenerife: El Faro Lighthouse  

Required diving experience: Advanced

This is a boat dive, 5 minutes away from our center. From the boat, you can jump in from 3 meters or descend free falling to 15 meters. However, this dive is only for the very experienced only because of the currents. 

A little insider story for this spot: This is where we have always spotted our dolphin friends. Up to now, they will not come near us, they only observe us from a distance. But we are working on it slowly and steadily.  :). 

The top part of this dive is a rocky platform, just 5 meters below the surface of the water. We swim past a platform that lies many black, long-spined sea-urchins before we drop to our depth which can be fast depending on which way we go. 

Swimming around us, we will see schools of striped Barracudas, Amber jacks feeding on the banks of the smaller fish, and locust lobsters, which makes this dive spot even more special.  This is where we normally see the Angel Sharks too. Divers have described this area as like flying. 

#3 Advanced diving sites Tenerife: Ali Baba Caves

Required diving experience: Intermediate/Advanced

Due to the depth of this dive, 40 meters and the unexpected currents, this dive is not for novice divers. 

We start our descent from 32 meters, as we go straight down the anchor line next to a cliff-like drop. Dropping over the edge brings us into the cave mouth. The entrance of the cave lies on pure white sand, which if you look behind you will see it drops off again. But we only take a look at this unique sight.  Don’t forget your torch at home, as when you shine your torch on the walls, the whole cave comes alive. 

We have seen many Angel Sharks and Large Groupers on this dive.  Above the caves the bubbles brush your face as you swim over the top. Once again, it is not for the inexperienced as on a high tide we have reached 45 meters on the cave mouth. Currents can be expected some days.   

 #4 Advanced diving sites Tenerife: The Blow hole  

Required diving experience: Advanced

This is a dive only for the advanced and adventurous diver. It is located 25 minutes boat drive away from our dive center. The entrance point is a 5-meter giant stride into a Blow Hole approximately 3 meters across. At the bottom of the blow hole you exit through a cavern full of Octopus, Lobsters, and prawns. Once in the open sea the dive continues up to a depth to about 25 meters, you then enter into a large cave system with plenty of entrance and exits.  The cave system is in a maximum of 6 meters deep which allows llots of bottom time.

Typical fish are Catulufa, Dorada, Parrot Fish, Various Eels and lots of Anemone The dive finishes underneath steps making an easy exit.

Are you ready to experience this extraordinary experience in Tenerife? 

Based on these scuba diving site introductions, we are sure you’ve found the one or ones you want to discover during your stay in Tenerife. Don’t hesitate, get in touch with us now to have an experience of a lifetime.

    Article: Nikoletta Szabo    

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