Top 9 scuba diving sites on Tenerife for beginner and intermediate divers

The Canary Islands, including Tenerife, are a real paradise for divers. Thanks to its volcanic ranges, crystal clear waters and a lovely water temperature of 19-24°C, scuba diving in Tenerife is a wonderful experience for beginner- and advanced divers alike. If you want to swim with rays, turtles, and see biodiversity of great value, you came to the right place, as Tenerife can offer it all. 

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best dive sites in Tenerife for beginner scuba divers, so you can plan your dives in advance. Let’s see what we are going to talk about in detail:

  1. Stingray wreck 
  2. Rock de Fabien
  3. Yellow Mountain
  4. Shark Cave
  5. Champiñón depth
  6. Las Rosas Steps
  7. Condesito Wreck
  8. Coral Arch
  9. Stone City  

#1 Diving sites Tenerife: Stingray Wreck

Required diving experience: Beginner/Intermediate

We can get to this mind-boggling dive site with a 2-minute-long boat trip from our dive center. During this amazing experience, you will have a chance to explore the Atlantic ocean in a 18-20 meter depth.

This old shipwreck sits on the sandy bottom of the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by Stingrays, Manta rays, Atlantic Rays and Eagle Rays. The diversity here is so high, it totally feels like swimming in a crowded fish tank.

You have easy access to the inside of the wreck from both sides, and you can work your way through the ship to reach the exit point while observing its remnants and the dancing prawns inside. While enjoying the astonishing view and the calmness of the ocean you can even meet with our large turtle friends, who loves to be around people and taps your head for food.

But the list of species still goes on, as Morays, and a large family of Trumpet fish are waiting to be in your company.

What an extraordinary experience!    

#2 Diving sites Tenerife: Rock de Fabien

Required diving experience: Intermediate

Due to its depth, 22-50 meters, this dive site is clearly not for beginners. This scuba diving spot is 4 minutes away from the dive center by boat. If you want to experience something special underwater, like observing 1 meter long Striped Barracudas, this is the dive you need to take. If you are lucky, you will also encounter with Boxlip mullets on the way.

Rock de Fabien is covered by soft corals from top to bottom, and it is surrounded by infinite white sand. Due to its southern location, we often see Tuna, Dolphins, Eagle Rays and during the months of July and August, if we are lucky, even Manta Rays. Around 34 meters you can also meet with different species of Morays, as you continue your descent and swim through rocky caves.

#3 Diving sites Tenerife: Yellow Mountain – Montaña Amarilla

Required diving experience: Beginner/Intermediate

Based on your experience, you can start scuba diving from the shore as a beginner, or a little bit farther from the beach, from a boat, if you are more experienced. This dive site is quite popular in Tenerife as you can enjoy the marine life of the Atlantic Ocean from as deep as 5 meters, up until 24 meters.

Why people love it so much?

First of all, this is a site we have been working with Marine Biologists to create Tenerife’s first Marine Reserve. When you are underneath, it totally feels like diving on the moon, because the bottom is covered with white sand, and you can explore the tremendous, winding rock topography and crystal clear waters. 

As you swim down through the Lava overhangs, small fish, called sand smelts, make the view even more extraordinary, as they are being hunted by Pipe Fish and small Barracudas., Multicolored lava rocks will make your dive even more colorful, while schools of Trumpet fish are playing around you. 

What is more, when you go deeper you can explore the Cathedral Rock, which is a large underwater cave in Tenerife. Its width is around 4 meters, while the height is 3 meters with an exit on the top. What else can this Tenerife scuba diving spot offer? 

If we go by boat, we will anchor in 6 meters of water, from where we descend down to 18 meters. During our descend, we will go past reefs that are now covered in new marine fauna and many different species of fish. Here we can play with several Moray eels and Octopus. How can you lure them out? A quick tap on the rocks, then just watch them come out to play. 

 #4 Diving sites Tenerife: Shark Cave  

Required diving experience: Intermediate

If you are a true adventure-seeker who loves underwater caves and unique marine life, this dive spot in Tenerife is clearly for you. We get into the boat in the harbor and anchor it in 6 meters. We gradually make our way down to 20 meters, stopping by the mesmerizing coral reef at 12 meters. After reaching the sandy bottom, we will swim through the Shark Cave and observe its tranquility. 

Inside, a real aquarium of sea life opens up to us. Yes, clearly it got its name from Angel sharks usually laying the sandy seabed at the cave entrance. Upon exiting, as the cave rock is porous, the escaping air has the appearance of a jaquzzi, which spices up, even more, our adventurous dive.

Swimming out from the shallows you will see the various coral colors Tenerife can offer you. Don’t forget your underwater camera at home if you have one, because you definitely want to chronicle these colors.

What else can you see during this super dive spot?

It is covered in Brown Puffers, Scorpion fish, Parrot fish, Blue Damselfish and many more. We swim over several ledges to get to our depth, good neutral buoyancy is a must on this dive as there is so much life on the sea bed below.

#5 Diving sites Tenerife: Champiñón depth

Required diving experience: Intermediate

Champiñón, or Mushrooms diving site in Tenerife, got its name from the type of rock formations you see on this adventure-hunting. You will encounter with dramatic volcanic scenery, as we will swim through overhangs and little caves with drop off reefs as deep as 22-32 meters.

What can you see here apart from the unrivaled rock formation?

It is a good site to meet with Angel Sharks and many free swimming Moray Eels. Large Medragal, from the tuna family and Trigger fish are popular as well, so get ready to see them all. Other common fish are Glass-eye -(Catalufa) and Barracudas, hiding up the many large gullies. 

#6 Diving sites Tenerife: Las Rosas, The Steps

Required diving experience: Beginner/Intermediate

This dive site on Tenerife is 7 minutes away from our diving center by boat. We can start our diving at 6 meters, and calmly descend until 30 meters, where we will discover the biodiversity of the Atlantic Ocean.

It is an easy and fantastic dive at the same time, as we anchor in 6 meters and drop down the ledge to 18 meters.

What can you see during your exploration?

This dive spot was named after overhanging volcanic rock formations, shallow caves and small tunnels with large blocks of rock which have fallen from the upper part. As we are descending, we go past different, colored soft corals on the rocks, while underneath schools of fish are reflecting the sun rays coming from above. 

Lizard fish can be found all over the sand between the rocks, while we can meet with Dusky groupers and White Breams, who habit this area as well. An interesting fact to know about this site is that it has been cleared of the Lime Urchin, enabling the marine fauna to regenerate, attracting now an abundance of fish. 

The more experienced scuba divers can swim further down to view the fantastic black coral, which lies at 30 meters. An interesting fact to know about this site is that it has been cleared of the Lime Urchin, enabling the marine fauna to regenerate, attracting now an abundance of fish. 

Who could say no to such an elevating experience? We definitely can’t!

#7 Diving sites Tenerife: Condesito Wreck

Required diving experience: Beginner/Intermediate

Let us share a little bit about the history of the Condesito before we tell you more about this fantastic Tenerife dive spot.

Condesito was a large coaster carrying a cargo of bags of concrete for the construction of Los Cristianos, which ran aground on New years eve in 1972. No lives were lost. There are contrasting stories about the last voyage of the Condesito. Some say the accident has been caused by an engine malfunction, while others claim it was the result of the captain being drunk.

Now the shipwreck lays between 10-18 meters, which makes it a perfect scuba diving spot for beginners and more experienced divers alike. 

What species can you see here?

The wreck is home to a family of Trumpet Fish and Octopus with the top of the wreck surrounded by thousands of Sardines. Over recent years it has slowly broken up, revealing some of her secrets. Spectacular gullies either side of this wreck are always worth a visit. From here you can also swim off to an area which is called Black Coral, a spectacular view as this is at 40 meters with a drop of going down to 60 meters, only for experienced deep divers.

#8 Diving sites Tenerife: Coral Arch

Required diving experience: Intermediate

This wonderful, and colorful diving spot is 5 minutes away from our diving center by boat. We anchor in about 18 meters and swim down through many small arches, which lead to one great and mesmerizing arch, as deep as 24 meters.

Apart from the fabulous corals and rocky arches you will be able to see a Stone Dolphin and plaque in memory of Jacques Cousteau, an amazing underwater feature. Sadly, here is another memorial plaque for a friend of ours, Phillipe Kloos, who went missing in 2008.  Another chair and photo monument lies in memory of another diver from Las Galletas, owner of the old La Morena.

This dive is around 300 meters away from our Stingray dive, scuba diving spot in Tenerife #1, and we normally get them drifting over our way. It is indeed a special feeling to swim and play with stingrays, as they are gathering around you in hope of some food.

#9 Diving sites Tenerife: Stone city

Required diving experience: Intermediate

The depth of this underwater sight is 20 meters, and it is located 6 minutes away from our center on boat.

We do this as a drift dive, dropping off the boat into around 12 meters of water and following the amazing white sand down to 20 meters. During our adventurous exploration, we are following the reef, drifting with the current (easy life) and on this dive you will see all our normal local fish and also Stingray’s.  

To our knowledge, this dive site is not dived by any other school, so here is the chance to explore something new. The sea bed is covered in beautiful shells all along the way. This is a nice relaxing dive, you will have many chances to take in the beautiful scenery and to enjoy your vacation on Tenerife. There is always lots of Sardines on this dive, so get ready to meet them.

What are you waiting for? Book your dive now, or reserve your scuba gear with us, and get ready to fulfill some points from your bucket list. Get in touch with us, and have an experience of a lifetime while on Tenerife.

  Article: Nikoletta Szabo  

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